best place to fish on salmon river ny

Remember to adjust these times based on barometric pressure, and weather changes. Most fishing for salmon and steelhead is drift fishing (sometime called "dead drift" fishing). Good anglers will demonstrate their respect for the fishery and the river by picking up even what they did not leave behind. A longer rod allows you to keep more of the line off the water to get a better drift, and the short butt is easier to handle. These heavier lines are relatively easy to follow, so use line with the lowest visibility possible. Male salmon and steelhead can generally be identified by their hooked lower jaw. However, they seem to be more susceptible to adverse conditions and their survival rate has been lower than the other salmoniods stocked in these waters. Fourteen of New York's state record fish come from these waters or their tributaries, including a 41 lb. They are very aggressive and in the river to feed on the salmon eggs during late October and November. High-visibility backing is a good idea so you and other anglers around you can see where your line is. Winter run steelhead spawn from mid-March through April. In the late 1960s the New York DEC began to aggressively stock chinook in Lake Ontario. The ease of access and amount of information available on it makes it appealing for anglers. Spring fishing is also primarily for winter run steelhead. It is believed that large populations of these fish spawn successfully in the river, which adds to the large number of fish in this waterway. Access points to fish the Salmon River are well documented and no secret so I took what I learned and put together the above Google map to help me find my way and figured you’d find it useful too. Thus, one day these could be large numbers of fish in Douglaston Salmon Run area, the next day they are past Pulaski headed for Altmar. Others were stocked above the reservoirs and have also survived. Common baits used for spin fishing for chinook salmon include the following: Common baits used for spin fishing for steelhead include the following: Lures are not too commonly used in the streams. If the fish bolts away wildly, or if it just will not come in, you probably foul hooked it. Many anglers tie their own leaders. Some of these fish survived and some ran to the lake each year. This rig is designed to reduce the frequency of having the weight hang-up on the river bottom. They permit anglers to fish by casting from the boat, by back bouncing (often with plugs), or they pull out and permit anglers to wade fish in target areas. If you use a lot of weight on a fly line for chinook, a running line can be used rather than a tapered line. If another angler is fighting a fish, bring in your line and, if necessary, move out of their way to let them land the fish, just as you want the same consideration if you were fighting the fish. They too can strike lightly and quickly and may spit the hook if you do not set it right away. In the winter, gloves are also necessary. Either a weighted fly or split shot is used. 6 Topics 24 Posts Last post Olcott 8-17-13 by Linescreamer Aug 19, 2013; Previously, the state required the use of a "terminal rig", with a swivel or other break in the line above the hook. In either case, the fish is lost either because the hook is pulled out of the fish's mouth or the line breaks. Both can be very good fisheries. 5x and lighter tippet will have difficulty landing steelhead. The Salmon River can be fished with a drift boat. Special thanks to Fran Verdoliva, New York DEC Salmon River Project Coordinator, for his assistance with this description. Chinook are bright silver while in Lake Ontario and as they enter the river, and become darker the longer they are in the river. and April. It is best to fish the slow moving parts of the stream in the deeper pools and holes ... Chinook salmon takes place in late August and early September and continuing on into October. There are two dams and two reservoirs on the river. remember we were all beginners once. Nonetheless, some brown trout from Lake Ontario make their way into the river and are taken, usually later in the fall along with steelhead. These public rights make angler access to the river easy and convenient. Be sure to use sufficient backing to be able to play the fish. Both brown trout and Atlantic salmon have white mouths and gums. Similarly, the leader need not be too long for this type of fishing, unless you are fishing in very clear water with a very small fly. The majority of the fisherman that come to Upstate New York looking to fish for Salmon stay in the Pulaski area. Egg sacks (of either salmon or steelhead eggs), Skein (of either salmon or steelhead eggs), Night crawlers (usually not used during the winter), Artificial salmon eggs (like Crazy Eggs and Jensen Eggs), Sponge (many do not consider this a "bait" but as merely a way to satisfy the requirement that there be something on the hook), Single salmon eggs (the variety in the small jars in oil, or the loose eggs found at the bait shops). The current Great Lakes record coho salmon was also taken from Lake Ontario off Oswego in 1998 and weighed in at 33 pounds and 7 ounces. If you are not sure of foot, wear spikes and use a wading staff. Dec 4, 2020 - Rent from people in Salmon River, NY from $20/night. Also try to mend the line to keep the float as close as possible to the hook below it. By 1900, Atlantic salmon were gone from Lake Ontario and its tributaries, including the Salmon River. It is generally believed the extirpation of Atlantic salmon was the result of a number of factors, including over-fishing, pollution, introduction of exotic species into the lake (especially the lamprey eel), and destruction or degradation of their spawning habitat. Keep flashlights pointed at the ground. Oct. would be in the Salmon River NY Pools for some late running Salmon. If you do not use a float or strike indicator, use line with some visibility so it can be watched. You can call their hotline for information on the flow, which is given at the top of the Reports page of this site. For steelhead, a disk-drag reel which accommodates a 7 to 9 weight line is adequate. Now the state stocks approximately 1.6 million chinook, 250,000 coho, 50,000 landlocked Atlantic salmon and 800,000 Steelhead into the Lake Ontario tributaries. We suggest the following points to consider when fishing: During the summer, anglers may find Atlantic salmon, resident brown trout and Skamania steelhead. Lifting generally refers to drifting the hook into the mouth of the fish (which is opening and closing its mouth to breath), then "lifting" the line to hook the fish. The salmon river is perhaps the most famous river in New York. For chinook, a WF10F or a DT10F line should work. Starting in late August, the King Salmon will begin their run. Most of the streams and rivers are on private property. This great lake, and its feeding water sources, are teeming with fish. Both strains are derived from stock taken from the Pacific Northwest. These fish can be in the Salmon River anytime from late September until May of the following year. A good pair of waders is essential. The most common flies for salmon are the Estaz Fly, Comet, Woolly Buggers, Egg Sucking Leaches and Glo-Bugs (imitates a salmon egg; tied with Glo-Bug yarn).

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