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NIVEA Creme and NIVEA Soft are two of NIVEA’s most popular and revolutionary skin care products. If you're insistent on the German one, avoid Amazon as it seems (from the reviews) that some shops that advertise German Nivea could ship you something else. Welcome to the NIVEA fan page on Facebook! There are no reviews yet. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 23M likes. Also such great prices on Nivea products. Such a wide range of products not found in the US! Welcome to the NIVEA fan page on Facebook! Embed review. Read reviews, see the full ingredient list and find out if the notable ingredients are good or bad for your skin concern! Nivea is a 100+ years old German personal care brand, which started its journey in the skincare industry long ago in the year 1911. Start your review of NIVEA German Curl Balm -Flexible Curls- Conditioner! 3,560 reviews See many of Berlin's most important landmarks and highlights, with informative commentary from your guide, on this half-day walking tour of Mitte. So today I have 7 amazing uses of Nivea for you and I will also answer the question, if Nivea from Germany is different than Nivea from the U.S. Nivea After Shave Reviews September 25, 2013 / 6 Comments / in Grooming , Razors , Reviews , Savoir Vivre , Shaving / by Sven Raphael Schneider Several months ago, I was contacted on behalf of Nivea USA asking if I had ever tested their skin care products for men. Learn more with Skincarisma today 71 thoughts on “Nivea Creme Review and 5 Best Ways to Use the Blue Tin” Lisha@HeartBowsMakeup. The NIVEA Extra Whitening Cell Repair and UV Protect Lotion with SPF 15 also claims that it helps repair dull, damaged skin, dark spots, uneven skin tone, rough skin, flaky skin, cracked skin, and itchy skin. You may also like… Quick View. Learn more with Skincarisma today NIVEA Creme vs NIVEA Soft. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. A Short History Of Nivea Creme. This Nivea skin firming gel claims to improve the appearance of your skin by toning it and making it firm.It contains Coenzyme Q10, L-Carnitine, and lotus extracts that make your skin smooth and supple and improve skin firmness within two weeks. Reply. The emulsion itself has a snow-white color and was the namesake of the brand. 23M likes. Reviews. But we have found comedogenic components, allergens and fungal … I started using La Mer in July this year, although I could tell the difference in my blemish prone skin tone, a co-worker mentioned that she noticed that my blemishes has faded and that she dreams of having an even skintone like mine. We’d love to hear from you, so click here to look for your local page, become a fan and leave a comment today! How would you rate this product? Nivea Sun was launched in 2019. Continue reading Nivea Body Lotion Review to review the ingredients in the product, benefits, and others. 01/17/2015 at 5:33 pm Ah, always been apprehensive about using it as a hand cream, afraid i’ll touch my face and have a massive breakout! 1 photo. This is a new fragrance. Claire used £1 Nivea cream on half her face - and £105 Crème de la Mer on the other. Nivea stems from the Latin words “nix, nivis”, meaning snow. i’ve been using Nivea Creme but it hasn’t been very helpful unfortunately :( Original German NIVEA Curl balm Made in Germany. Elite '2020. It's free of harmful alcohols, gluten, sulfates, parabens, silicones, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and synthetic fragrances. Benefits Of Nivea Body Lotion Extra Whitening Cell Repair & UV Protect Vit C This product is a classic that has been around for 150 years. Nivea Creme. Specifically marketed for those of us with dry skin, the creme moisture body wash by Nivea utilizes the very same ingredients as those found in Nivea’s original creme which was produced in 1911, came in a tin, and which made the company a household name. Start your review of NIVEA. Authentic German Nivea Original Cream 400 ml. if you could recommend a product, that would be great! Add to cart. US-$ 6,49. Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available. vaidehee. My extremely scientific analysis/review of german vs. american nivea creme so after /u/Khokhmah 's post, which alerted me to the fact that nivea creme doesn't have cetyl/cetearyl alcohols, i decided to try it because i have been looking for a replacement product for cerave in the tub. Reviews. Nivea Creme is probably the oldest beauty product on the market now – the first batch was made in 1911.. Back then, lanolin was the only cure for dry skin. The results are VERY revealing. Buy Nivea German Creme Cream Metal Tin (13.54 oz./400 ml) online at low price in India on The classic blue and white container crème that has been around for ages but this is the first time I have ever used the original German formula. 26/03/2019 Nivea. Nivea was officially launched in India 2006 and it has been popular here since then. + Ask a question . Product review of the original German Nivea Creme in a tin. Nivea Dry Comfort Plus Cream Deodorant, 75ml. The truth is that most non-aluminum deodorants don’t live up to expectations. But give the genuine authentic German Nivea deodorant a try and you will be amazed by its results. 100% Authentic German Nivea Creme Cream contains 21 ingredients. According to its own words, “ Over 100 years ago, we invented modern skincare with NIVEA Creme. 01/17/2015 at 12:15 pm My mum uses it as a hand cream and loves it! If you didn’t like that, hard luck. NIVEA, Hamburg, Germany. It is so versatile! Tested January 2019. 39 reviews. Featured. 391 reviews. TOP QUESTIONS. Alison Steadman, 66, recently said she doesn't use expensive face creams Likely, shops that import German products would have Nivea. What it is: German Nivea Creme (made in Hamburg). Find out if the Nivea Care Intensive Pflege (German Edition) is good for you! Learn insider information on the German city's different eras, stretching from modern times back through the Cold War, Nazi, Imperial, and Prussian time periods. So, most people are skeptical and would think twice before buying non-aluminum deodorants. Description. NIVEA, Hamburg, Germany. Be the first! Not only was Dr. Max Huber born in Germany (and I am therefore suspecting that he knew about Nivea- as this was (and is) a widely known cream in Germany used by virtual everybody) but Nivea has also been around much longer than La Mer. Quick View. Non-Bay Area people can look to Smallflower to purchase the German version online. / 250ml metal tin - Made in Germany NOT Thailand ! Susanna C. East Brunswick, NJ. Well. I find the scent to be comforting (rather than overwhelming), though, and it does fade — unlike with some skincare culprits, you don’t have to worry about it hanging around all day! 84 friends. Add to cart. When I travel to Germany I stuff my suitcase with all things Nivea. Ingredients In Nivea Body Lotion. 4/7/2018. Share review. Made in Germany. 1145 photos. The Good Housekeeping Institute Team. People all over the world have used these products for decades, but what is the main difference between them? The GHI's Tried & Tested review of the Nivea Hyaluron Cellular Filler Anti-Age Serum. Top note is Green Notes; middle notes are Solar notes and Flowers; base note is Powdery Notes. … So when Nivea Creme came along, it was a huge deal. Content: 250ml / 8.45 fl oz. US-$ 3,99. Nivea Sun by Nivea is a fragrance for women and men. We’d love to hear from you, so click here to look for your local page, become a fan and leave a comment today! aquaphor is nice, but i wanted a creamy/lotion-y product that would work better under makeup. Nivea was created in 1911 in Germany while the La Mer creme was created in 1965. 18 reviews il y a 7 jours does anyone know how to treat dry under eyes? 5,237 reviews scanned The 10 Best Dove Aluminum Free Deodorants 9,614 reviews scanned ... Genuine Authentic German Nivea Deodorant Fresh Pure Aluminum Free 1.69 fl.oz/50 9.2 8.7 Nivea Creme relies greatly on eucerit, which is essentially an emulsifier that combines water and oil into a durable mixture. recently i’ve noticed that my under eyes have been dry and kind of flaky, along with a part of my eyelids. The scent and texture: As most skincare junkies will be able to tell you, classic Nivea features a distinctive scent and thick texture. It has been a wide spread rumor that the German version of Nivea Creme is identical to Creme De La Mer - which is why there is the whole hype about the German version being superior to the Mexican made Nivea. Added with natural minerals such as almond oil, Nivea body lotion is one of the best choices to maintain a healthy skin and tackle all sort of skin related issues when it comes to overall nourishment. Check out Nivea German Creme Cream Metal Tin (13.54 oz./400 ml) reviews, ratings, specifications and more at No one has asked a question yet! Nivea is an age old German Cosmetics Brand whose products made an impact across various other countries. It promises visible results within 2 weeks. I always have a tin of Nivea in the house- I think every German women does! It´s an iconic cold cream used in Germany since centuries. Nivea Creme Moisture Body Wash Review Nivea Creme Moisture body wash. Most of you would have tried atleast one Nivea Product, probably the Blue Tin. Fun stop, all things Nivea! Trust the blue tin for the whole family. Useful 3. These important products are a wonderful, classic, and luxurious solution to all of your skin care needs. Nivea Many people are familiar with American made Nivea creme products, but fewer people have experienced the quality of Original German Nivea Creme. Read reviews, see the full ingredient list and find out if the notable ingredients are good or bad for your skin concern! German Nivea products are far better than the ones in my country! The German make deodorant uses no aluminum salts. by Beiersdorf Germany [Beauty] at Overall score: 83/100. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Genuine German Nivea Creme Cream Made in Germany - 8.45 oz. Find out if the Nivea Refining Clear-Up Strips (German Edition) is good for you! For over 100 years cares for and protects the NIVEA Creme with its rich formula all skin types at every opportunity.

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