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Answer 1 of 4: How is the parking situation at the trailhead for East End of Rundle in mid-August? East End Of Rundle Hike (EEOR) in Alberta, Canada Quick Stats About The EEOR Hike: Length: 5.8 km (3.6 miles) out and back trail. The Epic East End Of Rundle Hike (EEOR Trail) in Alberta, Canada, 10 Essentials For Hiking In The Pacific Northwest, Prepare For Hiking In The Pacific Northwest, Try Hiking Mount Storm King In The Olympic Peninsula, The Perfect 7-Day Jasper National Park Itinerary, The BEST East Java Waterfalls You Must Explore In Indonesia, The Essential 2018 Pacific Northwest Bucket List - The Mandagies. With many popular hikes and mountain biking routes, the Goat Creek area is very popular and the parking lot fills up early in the day. Before attempting EEOR with kids, we recommend: There are two spots along the East End of Rundle trail which are great spots to stop for lunch. This image shows the mountain from the perspective of Tunnel Mountain in Banff, Alta. We were in a bit of a hurry because once again the weather was against us. It’s worth a quick visit if the sun is shining. Stars: Activities: hike Seasons ... Well why not try a peak that offers a stunning view of Ha Ling?A great trail that starts from a common trailhead with beautiful views of the Town of Canmore and Ha Ling Peak. You’ll be gaining over 300m of elevation for every 1km hiked towards the top of Mt. There are no drinking water facilities, so fill your hydration packs before you leave. After driving up the rough and dusty Smith Dorrien Road I parked at Whiteman’s Gap and looked for a man-made trail. Make sure to pack plenty of water, and these other hiking essentials to make your trip hassle-free! East End of Rundle – EEOR (Hard) Hard 6 Km Elevation Gain: 870m 3-4 hours Summer, Fall, Winter. Why do the East End of Rundle – EEOR Hike. Elevation Gain: 807 meters (or 2854 feet) aka STEEP. Along the way, you’ll likely pass wildlife on the road. (But really – you should be using a hiking app like AllTrails for this hike). Rundle, the one that looms over Canmore. It’s difficult to hike in the dark. The higher you go, the better the views get. East End of Rundle. Picture of mount Rundle from Vermillion Lakes. As you take the East End of Rundle trail higher and higher, more of the Bow Valley comes into view. The East End of Mount Rundle is also commonly referred to as EEOR. Duration: It should take a typical adult about 3.5 hours to hike the full round-trip distance of the East End of Rundle hike. It can get extraordinarily windy up there, but if you descend a little, you can typically find a rock wall to shelter you from the wind. (and if you look carefully in the photo above, you can even see a faint scree line with people on it climbing their way up to the top. Even with the app, we found ourselves well off the trail several times and the ability to see our current GPS location relative to the trail helped us navigate our way back. Sunset at the East End of Rundle didn’t disappoint. When Berty and I visited Banff National Park in Canada, hiking the East End of Rundle trail was on the very top of our bucket list. You can recognize it by the double power poles at the base. Along the way you’ll pass Grassi Lakes, a very popular, easy family hike to a pair of mountain lakes with an incredible blue-green color. We love bears and would hate for any harm to come to them or you, so please take the time to educate yourself on, We recommend checking the latest trail report for trail conditions and possible closures before you head out. If you are hiking alone or with only your group, look for footprints and watch ahead for markers to find your way. Read More: Prepare For Hiking In The Pacific Northwest. add review. The trail is easily found and aside from the final 50 meters is more of a hike than a scramble. You will know its the East End of Rundle hike because hikers have labeled the trailhead entrance with rocks, spelling out EEOR. The hike from the Canmore side is on the east hence east end of Rundle. East End of Rundle hike, Morraine Lake, Peyto Lake and Stampede within a week. The East End of Rundle however is something I had to really concentrate on. Our list of hiking essentials contains the hiking gear and clothing you’ll need for the variable Kananaskis weather and trail conditions. The Goat Creek parking lot is home to several other popular Kananaskis Recreation options: The East End of Rundle is one of those challenging, and somewhat maddening hikes where there is a seemingly endless choice of unmarked trails up-and-down the mountain. There are dangerous rock scrambles on this hike with potentially fatal consequences. This is a great spot to stop for a break and soak in the mountain views. Indeed, if I hadn't stopped to look behind at one point, I … I was recently asked if I am upsetting we didn’t summit after driving for 2.5 to hike only 4km and have to turn back… My answer is no. Try Hiking Mount Storm King In The Olympic Peninsula. The East End of Rundle hike is a popular day hike with Canmore and Banff locals. You cannot order bear spray by mail, but you can buy a canister at many locations in Canmore and Banff. We recommend a robust pair of hiking boots with good grips. East End of Rundle was a fun scramble. Town: Canmore, AB. This meant that my husband had to take on more of the stress of supporting our son and it put him on edge at times. EEOR (East End Of Rundle) Total Distance: 5 km. Probably my last time up this mountain! We opted to hike East End of Rundle (EEOR), which is a pretty challenging, steep hike (3.5 miles roundtrip with almost 2900 of elevation gain then loss) up a lot of scree to a peak the overlooks a number of other peaks and blue lakes. Hiking EEOR is a serious endeavor – there are many difficult scrambles which could be a bit difficult and scary for some. Hike up the EEOR scramble trail for several thousand feet to the first summit (Peak I) of the traverse. The East End of Rundle, commonly know as EEOR. In the summer and on the weekend, this is one of the most popular hikes in the area so choosing a week day evening to cross it off my list was perfect. East End Of Rundle is a challenging yet very doable hike that rewards you with incredible views of Ha Ling Peak, Canmore and the surrounding Rocky mountains. Stars: Activities: hike Seasons: spring winter fall summer From: jag1972. It’s a relatively easy scramble with the potential for sections with lots of exposure. You top out at an elevation of 2545 metres (8,350 feet) and will actually be looking down to Ha Ling. Kids who do not listen and cannot follow directions to the letter should not be brought on the EEOR hike. Lots of switchbacks and loose rock on the trail. A 30-year-old Calgary woman was killed Saturday while hiking on the east end of Mount Rundle. East End of Rundle Scramble. Here along the ridge, you can experience the peak AND the valley in one incredible view. If you believe you are off the trail and you aren’t using AllTrails, keep in mind that EEOR is a ridge hike for most of its length, meaning you should be able to see the mountain slope downwards down on both sides of the trail more often than not. It’s unrelentingly steep climbing – some 875 metres over only 2.9 kilometres. To give you a sense for the range of weather you may encounter, all of the pictures on this post were from a single EEOR hike in late June. Follow The 8 Photography Tricks. We’ve hiked with poles after hiking the East End of Rundle, and honestly we’re not going back! If you are interested in seeing wildlife, get Banff wildlife sighting tips from a local wildlife photographer. On the contrary, it's short, steep and spectacular. Make sure to be prepared if you’re arriving before sun up or after sundown. If you’ve been looking for a rewarding journey in the Canadian Rockies, look no further than the East End of Rundle Hike. Part of the hike near the cliff band is more scramble than hike and not everyone will feel comfortable doing it. This is the popular summit that 99% of people will reach when they hike up the East End of Rundle. Be prepared and in good shape for this hike! UPDATE. Generally speaking, you don’t need a lot of hiking gear to enjoy hiking in Alberta. You’ll never really do any rock climbing though. Elevation (feet): 8500 Elevation (meters): 2530. Altitude: 2,590m (8,495 ft) Elevation Gain: 900m (2,952 ft) Ascent Time: 2 – 3 Hours. Difficulty: Challenging. It's an easy Kane scramble and is very popular so I figured it would be a safe objective to tackle alone. Bear spray is a must. For those wanting to reach the highest point of Mount Rundle, it happens to be the 3rd summit when going from north to south. We passed several large patches of snow near the summit and it actually snowed on us as we arrived at the top. Am trying to determine when we should schedule to arrive for the hike. There were many places to take beautiful photographs, and hiking during sunset provided us with light that wasn’t too harsh. East End of Rundle. Note* We didn’t make it to the true top of the trail. Want even more photography tips for travel? This hike isn't for everybody though, it is extremely tough and basically straight up the entire way. This relatively easy scramble offers great views of the Bow Valley corridor and views further south along the canal. trip report by site editor Rick McCharles. When Dinah and I first climbed the EEOR in 2001 we took few photos, but this time we took our time, making frequent stops to look around and take out our cameras. The EEOR trail is close to Canmore for ease of access and convenience. Route Description. Time: 5 hrs. add photo. The Best Instagram Spots In Jasper National Park, Beautiful Photo Locations In Banff National Park, 10 Family Friendly Hikes In Jasper National Park. Want To Take Amazing Travel Photos? We used the AllTrails app while hiking to the top of EEOR and to be honest, I couldn’t imagine doing this hike without it. I’m kind of paranoid about lightening so we didn’t even stay at the summit long enough for a photo! Oh, and what are hiking boots? The dramatic Ha Ling Peak sits across the valley with Whitemans Reservoir settled at the bottom. Elevation (feet): 8500 Elevation (meters): 2530. The fastest way to get to the Goat Creek parking lot from Banff is to turn off the TransCanada Highway in Canmore and take the Smith-Dorrien Trail Highway (AB742). For recommendations on what to bring on EEOR to improve your safety, see below. Another 30-45mins return. Great views of the Spray lakes valley. I want to do. You can order one of these maps off Amazon.ca before your trip, or you can pick one up while here as they are widely available. Length: 5.8 km (3.6 miles) out and back trail. Being so close to Canmore, you should have cell service for most of the hike, but never count on it for your safety. The easiest route is up the back slope. Kelly lives in Canmore. The whole thing is too long to be completed in one day. East End of Rundle Kananaskis, Alberta June 19, 2010 . You’ll enjoy views of the Goat Creek Valley, the Town of Canmore, and the Spray Lakes in the distance. It is often under-estimated, and there are tricky sections on this for new scramblers. Sections are steep and exposed to harsh weather and elements. Mount Rundle is located across the road directly west of the canal. Post Summary: A step by step guide to Canada’s East End of Rundle Hike, outside of Canmore, Alberta. It’s a short, but very steep hike with difficult terrain to navigate. We didn’t have any at the time, so we ended up using our hands and feet for large portions. EEOR at 107598 is the easternmost peak of Mt. East End of Rundle - EEOR | Kananaskis Trails. How to Get from Banff to the East End of Rundle Trail: Despite its local popularity, the EEOR trailhead is an unmarked trail from the side of the Smith-Dorien Trail Highway in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park part of Kananaskis Country. It’s easy to get off the EEOR trail. Scrambling the East End of Rundle or EEOR is a popular scramble close to Canmore. The normal route is one of the most traveled in the area. East End of Rundle (EEOR) Hiking trail in Canmore, Alberta (Canada). East End Of Rundle (EEOR) is a 3.5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Canmore, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Time: 4 to 6 hours out and back (Can be done quicker if experienced) Distance: 6 Km return Elevation Gain: 870 metres Access: A short drive from the town of Canmore, head towards the Nordic Centre and follow the 742 (Smith Dorrien Trail) towards Spray Lakes until you get to Whitemans Pond. Ray and Mark from nearby Calgary often join him for hikes. The East End of Rundle hike is a popular day hike with Canmore and Banff locals. Doable? This is a steady 30% incline – it’s not easy…. That said, there is no way I’d bring them on this Mount Rundle hike until they are much older. Please take this risk seriously as a, Kananaskis Country is bear country. Cross the road towards two power poles situated above the Goat Creek day use area to locate the trail. East End of Rundle standard scramble route. Make sure to look for this as you begin! At its most challenging, the trail has loose rocks on steep slopes and/or rock scrambles. I have never actually met anyone who really did but ran into plenty of folks who thought they knew someone who did. Distance 5.2 km return, height gain 875 m, strenuous. Or EEOR, as it’s commonly known. Not difficult, with amazing geology and view of the Grassi Lake. The east end of this peak system with 18 summit points has a variety of routes to its summit. Rundle is one of the most recognizable mountains in Banff. The closest town to the East End of Rundle hike would be in Canmore, Alberta. What kid doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? The trail can be recognized by blue markers that are spray painted on rocks, but even then it can be difficult to locate. You win some you loose some. East End Of Rundle (EEOR) is a 5.6 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Canmore, Alberta. Scrambling the East End of Rundle or EEOR is a popular scramble close to Canmore. Right from the start, you will encounter steep elevation and lots of switchbacks. In this post, we’re sharing our experience with the EEOR hike, and how you can prepare yourself for this amazing trek. With Canmore being the only sunny area in the front range on that day, I settled on a Canadian Rockies classic: East End of Rundle (EEOR). It overlooks both Canmore and Banff, as its ridge is 12KM long. Canmore, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies. East End of Rundle. A paper map is not sufficient for EEOR, but if you prefer to hike with a paper map and compass as an additional safety layer, I highly recommend Gem Trek hiking maps. If you plan to hike EEOR during sunset, remember to bring a headlamp for the descent! If you’ve seen any pictures of the East End of Rundle hike, this is likely the view you see. You top out at an elevation of 2545 metres (8,350 feet) and will actually be looking down to Ha Ling. I have never seen the Goat Creek parking lot … trip report by site editor Rick McCharles.

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