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I always check CK for high end and low end cards, although they are sometimes weak in their pricing of $1-3 dollar casual rares. I’m still using CK because they’ve proven reliable, also with the rare/expensive cards I’ve ordered. Answer Save. I've been studying some of the MTG market trends, but you guys are the experts. Completely agree with this, and we are actively addressing this. I was getting close to 85% value on some cards for store credit. The multipliers works well for medium to large collections of mid-to-low value cards, but it should not be used for buylists consisting of only a few high end cards (i.e. Please note to return your buylist there will be a payable fee of £10.95 to cover postage and admin costs. If you are under eighteen (18), you may only use Card Kingdom with the monitoring of a parent or legal guardian. provide a large selection of promotional card kingdom on sale at cheap price and excellent crafts. When we roll out our new buylist next year, I think you'll be quite pleased of some of the features we'll be including that I haven't seen from other vendors (but I would have loved to have seen as someone who sells cards. Sealed. How To Send Your Cards . level 1. I would expect Mutavault continue to continue to slide into the $8-12 dollar range over the next few months, settle somewhere in that area (maybe $15 tops) and then start slowly climbing until its next printing. Out of interest, why does SCG dislike pricing sites listing their buylist prices? Only 11 left in stock - order soon. Sign up Now! 88% Upvoted. Looking to sell Magic the Gathering Cards? I rarely review stuff but this is a great mtg shop. Another great thing about CK is that the are often purchase the highest number of any specific cards (seriously, yesterday CK was in the market for 1,404 Monastery Swiftspears). You mentioned that you do the majority of your collection buys on Craigslist. They offer what is becoming the standard 25 percent store credit bonus, so be sure to check that out if you are looking to trade cards for cards. Adventure Time Battle Deck. Card Kingdom, Chiyoda. This is why they are sending back cards that are signed. This does not mean that T&T is useless, because while they don't often pay the most for cards they are, in my experience, the best buylist to sell played cards. Sending the cards with insurance and express post set me back $250 AUD. Look for The Great Buylist Review (Part 2: ABU Through Shipping posted now), Edit: Link to Part 2 Sell Your Cards for Cash. One last tip about CK. Does anyone have any experience with about on average how much they pay for collections vs just buylisting everything or which is the better option? You guys are shady and deserve to crumble. Read Card Kingdom reviews and Card Kingdom ratings – Buy Card Kingdom with confidence on AliExpress! Review by CPhan 1 year ago. It's actually taking me longer to get the money from paypal itself then from card kingdom.These guys are definitely trust worthy. Over the past five years I've send over 500 buylist orders to many different vendors, and using this experience today I will be talking about the different buylists I use, how much I expect to receive from each buylist once they finish grading an order, the types of cards I sell to specific buylists, as well as the quirks of individual buylists. I took a chance and sent another buy list order but this time personally graded each card and included my grades with the order only to still recieve low grades. Speculat(e/ing) Card Kingdom, for example, updates at midnight nightly (I only know this because I have left cards in a buylist cart and the price on some changed at midnight). Anyway, enough of my rambling, on to the buylists. AVALIABLE FROM 20th NOVEMBER. 99. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. [-2]: Exile target creature you control, then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card with higher converted mana cost. A moment ago I said that the SCG buylisting process was inefficient, so now time for a little rant. I recently completed my first buy listing experience ever through card kingdom. While most buylists require you to type the full name of a card exactly (which is a pain in the ass for a card like Will-O'-The-Wisp) the CK buylist allows for abbreviations. 0 Reviews . MORE VIVID VOLATGE COMING JANUARY! Relentless Horde Battle Deck. In my experience, CK usually pays the best, or close to it for high end cards ($20 through dual lands) and very low-end cards (sometimes offering a nickle to a dime for specific bulk-level commons). When I sent a chunk of common lands in just to fill the package space and protect the valuable cards, I specifically stated in my note that they weren't part of the sell order and were only there for "filler." If you are only selling NM cards from your personal collection, the grading multiplier is probably not very necessary for you, but if you are flipping collections or varying condition, the grading multiplier is extremely important. Chucking dice, grabbing lots of resources to acquire citizens, earn domains, and defeat monsters is the name of the game in Valeria Card Kingdoms. 2 Answers. In sum. Items ordered from Card Kingdom may be subject to tax in certain states, based on the state to which the order is shipped. It was the cards they rejected together with a slip explaining why they were returned. Not only do they typically purchase more cards then anyone else, they also offer a 30 percent store credit bonus – the highest in the industry. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That value came from their buy list. Column E: Running total of all outstanding orders. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. It depends on the site. Perfect. 7 Reviews . If your selling cards to them, it's simple, just follow the instructions. CK is at or near the top of my buylist order. I would try asking this same question on MOTL. If I send that same order to a vendor with a multiplier of 0.625, I would expect payment of $62.50. Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. While I'm not sure if it is intentional or accidental, about half of my orders to T&T fetch full buylist price, even with some cards are in played condition. While CK is still my favorite buylist to use in terms of functionality, T&T is now a close second. 11 Card Kingdom reviews. In sum, always check T&T for played cards due to their high grading multiplier, and keep an eye on their bulk rates, because at times they are far and above everyone else. Nearly all of his weapons are named after tarot cards. 4 comments. Most stores require you ship within two business days and expect to have the cards at their store within a week or so. A few months ago T&T was among the hardest buylists to use, consisting of a massive word-like document of all the cards they were buying (which is especially a pain for selling cards like Dark Ritual with many editions, or foils). These guys delivered *exactly* what they promised and more! Vivid Voltage: Build & Battle Box. Open new support ticket Check existing ticket status. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. I was adding some cards on to the buylist offer when I noticed that there were no options to specify the condition that your cards are. best. Has anyone used Card Kingdom to buy magic the gathering cards? Card Kingdom does sell products that are intended for ages thirteen (13) and up, but it sells them to adults who can purchase with a credit card or other permitted payment method. What this means that in choosing which buylist to send a card to, there is more to consider then just the price listed on the buylist. save hide report. This thread is archived. T&T used to be among my most used buylists, simply because they paid the most for bulk (which they still do in some categories – you can't beat $0.60 for bulk mythics or $1.05 for foil mythics if you are trying to move a stack of Time Reverals or DD Phyrexian Negators). 4 comments. T&T also gets points for contacting the seller with any post-grading deductions and offering to return the order, at their cost, if the seller so desires (seriously, one time I had a large flat rate break open during shipping – it arrived at T&T in a garbage bag – and they repackaged and shipped it back to me on their dime). Yeah dude, I've placed around 7 orders with them in about a year. Card Kingdom: CK is at or near the top of my buylist order. HOME. That value came from their buy list. SCG is by far the slowest, most inefficient site to buylist on, which sometimes leads to me not even checking their prices, simply because it takes too long. Relevance. I love this article very informative for me considering I've been out of magic for the last 19 years!! That along with the easy interface and excellent costumer service makes me up for using them again as well as recommending them to others. If I had a question about the process, it was answered promptly. This is a list of Cards used by Luxord in the Kingdom Hearts series. 62% Upvoted. Both are best in tribal decks. Card Kingdom has been delivering Magic to the world since 1999. They also respond quickly to emails, so they get an A++ for customer service in my book. All I can see is an option to choose "sell us yours" which adds 1 copy of the card to my cart without an option to change that for a greater quantity. e.g. I'm going to read this a couple times and start buylisting some extra cards. I would say to arrive at 8800 USD, along with the returned cards, they absolutely graded the cards fairly.Finally, that is a decent lump of money. I was just thinking about what to write next, that seems like a good direction. This said, their killer customer service and the ability to know exactly how much you're payment will be (due to the grade-it-yourself system) do offer benefits, as does some of their bulk rates. Their customer service team is amazing. First, there are several sites out that that search multiple buylists at the same time ranging from (subscription required), (free) and (also free). Write A Review (It only takes 30 seconds!) If you visit Japan, please drop by our store in Akihabara! I had a buylist order get lost in the mail for 30 days and they still honored the originally quoted prices even though the cards had dropped in value and their terms state they cancel buylists … In my experience buying collections from craigslist, most collections range from NM to HP. How often are buylist prices updated? Big thank you to Josh Wheeler and Card Kingdom. Sort by. The grading multiplier is the process I use to estimate the post-value of cards before they are shipped or graded. For example, are you trying to get out from under that Sorin, Solemn Visitor while its high? 4 were signed by Terese Nielson and they had been in my collection for quite a while and were in near mint condition. They could definitely sell the cards they returned (I know I will), but, it's clear they want to keep their stock consistent. 13 Card Kingdom reviews. We’ll make sure each product on your Buylist Offer was received in the right quantity and condition. Let's find out! All you need to do is inter “so s v” in the search bar, and up pops Sorin. However, their new site is world class, easy to use, and way more efficient. Card Kingdom has been delivering Magic to the world since 1999. They pay fast and are friendly. Updated Card Kingdom buylist issues. We offer competitive prices for your cards! Our expert team will grade them within 5-7 days of receipt. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! They will email with any deductions and offer to return the order if you are unhappy. Singles. Tell us about your experience with Card Kingdom: Your name: Your email address: Reviews 8. I have put in 3 tickets over the last 15 days with no response. Its going to be hard for Mutavault to rise in the near future. Fast Payment. Few days ago I wrote A Casestudy in Buylisting in an attempt to make the argument that buylisting is a comparable or in some cases superior option to selling cards in eBay or TCG for many financiers. If you have played cards, you need to ctrl-F the card, then scroll to the chart at the top of the page, figure out the deduction for condition, and then type it out. I was not the original poster but did share my issues. BEST SELLERS . *Column 1 times grading multiplier equals expected (post-grading) price. If they would upgrade their buylist site, I would at least check their prices along with others, but unless I've got a lot of time on my hand, its usually not economical. 0 Reviews . 60 Cards. So card kingdom sent back the signed ones and bought the unsigned (but more worn) copies. I've been ordering from them for years now and never once had an issue. 4,730 were here. PRE ORDER VIVID VOLTAGE NOW! SCG seems to pay less for most cards simply because they can (just like they can charge more). $11.99 $ 11. I’m overseas, deployed. I sent them about 1800 cards total. Unpacking four Card Kingdom Magic: the Gathering Battle Decks, new for August 2019. 0. First, make sure you are in the buylist area (T&T sometimes lists "sell us yours" on other, non-buylist pages as well). I will never recommend you to anyone. One of my favorites. 37 reviews for Card Kingdom, rated 2 stars. It then became apparent what the discrepancy was, I had quite a few of my cards signed by the respective artist, and it was mostly these ones being returned to me. Cavern went from $27 to $11 at rotation, before climbing back to the $17-$19 dollar range where it has sat for the last 8 months. If I had a question about the process, it was answered promptly. 208 likes. Favorite Answer. The shop is in the USA, I sent it to the one in Seattle. A bunch of other signed cards of lesser value were also returned. I keep track of all my buylist orders on a spreadsheet laid out as follows: Column D: Expected Post-Grading Price(C1M=EP). The shop is in the USA, I sent it to the one in Seattle. There are a lot of Europeans there and many of them run buylists of their own (both stores and individuals). I got hooked into them from the command zone always talking Bout them. It's perhaps mildly annoying if you have some high value signed cards - but you can just sell them yourself, not end of the world.For selling the cards, I know what the condition of my cards was. You can review shipping instructions and guidelines for the Buylist here. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. LOG IN. I have never shipped from Europe, so I honestly have no idea on shipping chargers from over there. Are these worthwhile? For me that meant taking my cards out of the top loaders I had them in and putting them unsleeved, ordered as per the invoice, in a hard container to protect them.So, I decided to send the cards. VIVID VOLTAGE. When there are grading deductions, I still generally end up with 80 percent of buylist price for the order. We're here to help! Low Pricing and Fastest Service. They even do these really cool hand drawn tokens if you ask them. Is there a difference in shipping from Europe? share. 4,724 were here. I sent 11800 USD of magic the gathering cards to Card Kingdom. Not only do they typically purchase more cards then anyone else, they also offer a 30 percent store credit bonus – the highest in the industry. I've just very quickliy scimmed the post and noticed some american store names. A quick example if I send a $100 dollar order to a vendor with a grading multiplier of 0.90, my expected total would be $90 (100*0.9).

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