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This list of highest paying digital marketing careers is based upon extensive research and job market demand prevailing right now. Orginally Posted January 2, 2018 ; Leila Dorari; 0 Comments; Career Development; By Leila Dorari. Simply put, it’s because digital tools and skills have a proven ability to generate revenue, and companies want to harness that power and stay competitive. But along with this, there are several other elements that make the field of digital marketing a blessing to work in. Search 2,426 Digital Marketing jobs now available on Indeed.com, the world's largest job site. Job Roles: Digital project managers are essential for overseeing the implementation of a variety of digital campaigns and strategies. These are the top 5 highest paying jobs in digital marketing industry so far. Digital Media Managers are responsible for delivering multi-channel marketing campaigns and defining a brand’s digital strategy and messaging, with the intention of driving awareness, consideration and adoption of your organization’s product/service offerings. Delivered Daily. Content strategists are able to combine creative concepts with an unwavering attention to detail and execute them in an efficient, well-organized fashion. General Electric, for example, made the bold decision to invest more than $1 billion to create a new market around the Industrial Internet. Being a digital nomad definitely has its perks. The digital marketing skills in demand include marketing technology (MarTech), UX specialist/information architects, and Google analytics experts, according to Mondo. As a result, content marketing experts have established themselves as a valuable asset within the digital sphere. 3)Sr. SEO Executive/ Sr. SEO Consultant/ Sr. SEO Analyst. Along with MarTech, other digital marketing skills in high demand appear to be UX specialist/information architect and Google analytics experts, according to the report. The ability to write clear, concise, compelling copy is also integral. In the US, a Brand Manager can expect a salary between $66,000 and $98,000, or, if they have over 5 years’ experience, around $130,000. An understanding of project management methodologies from SCRUM to Waterfall will offer you a strong advantage too. Content has become the lynchpin of both digital and traditional marketing, serving as a powerful tool for building customer trust and affording brands a much-needed visibility and reach. Rounding out the rest of the top 3 sales and marketing jobs for 2020 are two marketing roles: marketing manager and marketing coordinator. What are the highest paying jobs in Digital Marketing? Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs For Digital Nomads. 2) SEO Executive/ SEO Analyst. The single most important skills a content marketing professional can possess is the ability to develop and manage a complete content strategy that is tailored to a company’s digital strategy objectives, as well as the needs and preferences of their target audience. As lead generation and customer acquisition are at the heart of Digital Media Management, you will need to be adept at analyzing data in order to benchmark performance and forecast results. When combined with digital marketing tactics, e-commerce can raise brand visibility and increase customer acquisition through a much more cost-effective approach that often has no requirement for overheads such as physical premises, personnel and offline marketing collateral. If you want to help build and shape a brand’s identity with an analytical, technical approach, you should explore opportunities in this area! Also, Glassdoor has 941 entry level marketing coordinator open jobs with an average salary between $17K and $100K. Best Jobs for Digital Nomads in the Business and Marketing Niche 4. Digital Project Management/Planning . That would help you to specialize in a couple of particular digital marketing skills and build a successful career. Since there is no requirement for physical space, a significant portion of the overheads can be saved. Many people who work as a Digital Marketing Manager want to know what the highest paying jobs are with that title. The higher range of salary is close to 10,00,000 in India. This skill set is as elusive to business owners as it is vital to their business’s success. Digital Media Management is all about exhibiting thought leadership in media strategy, innovation, and measurement. Being able to adapt your writing style to suit various content types and target audiences is also key. E-commerce is about identifying and delivering commercial growth opportunities, a perfect field for anyone who is revenue and data-driven! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This year's list also sees a surge in digitally-native marketing roles such as digital marketing specialist and social media manager. Therefore, you can select any of these careers. The one tool you should be able to use is project management software, be it Basecamp, Asana or Trello; this will help you to easily and efficiently track every task, due date and centralize communications for every project. Only 64% of jobs in Digital Marketing pay over $100K. SEE: Hiring kit: Digital campaign manager (Tech Pro Research). Using a combination of storytelling and data, brand marketing professionals have the unique ability to craft a distinct organizational identity that is rooted in authenticity. Social Media Marketing Executive Social Media Marketing Manager Managers can often be expected to serve a variety of ad types across a number of networks, including the Google Display and Search Networks and Bing Ads. This can positively influence and persuade customers, earn their trust and ultimately encourage them to purchase. 1.Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Planner. Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs (Study) We analyzed the annual salaries of six popular digital marketing jobs in the US, for the last 5 years. A role in brand marketing allows you to establish yourself as a credible, expert voice internally within your organization and provides you with the opportunity to feed into important strategy considerations. Based on Mondo's MarTech placements over the past year, the report identified the following 10 highest-paid digital marketing jobs for 2019, with salaries up to, or surpassing, $175,000: "For 2019, we're seeing increased demand for digital marketing professionals with proven experience using the hottest MarTech solutions, such as Salesforce, Eloqua, WordPress, Adobe, and more," said Tim Johnson, CEO of Mondo, in a press release. Getting a high paying Digital Marketing job is everyone’s dream now and people are making it as their career. In the UK, an E-commerce Executive can earn up to £35,000, while a Manager can earn in the region of £70,000. Content has become the lynchpin of both digital and traditional marketing, serving as a powerful tool for building customer trust and affording brands a much-needed visibility and reach. Using native social media analytics platforms, Google Analytics and other tools will help you to understand the specific needs, preferences, and media consumption nuances of consumers in a variety of markets. The highest paying digital marketing jobs include CMO, VP of MarTech Solution, and VP of digital marketing. If the concept of being able to positively influence customer experience and encourage purchases sounds fulfilling to you, e-commerce is an avenue you should consider. They will also need to be adept at using analytics and heat mapping tools to identify patterns in website user behavior and make changes accordingly. Let’s look at the top social media marketing jobs and salary 1. Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs For Digital Nomads. best jobs in 2020. There is often a strong focus on paid media channels, including social, display, programmatic and retargeting channels. Businesses need individuals who can transform large amounts of raw data into actionable information for strategy-setting, decision making and innovation — and pay well for people with these skills. "In addition, SEO and SEM skill set segmentation continues as employers look to hire specialized experts.". Top 10 High Paying Countries and Salaries for Digital Marketing Specialists. Brand marketing involves having a detailed understanding of a variety of content formats (both visual and written) and distribution methods and being able to utilize them in order to increase engagement, create brand advocates and encourage repeat sales. No matter what kind of background, skills, or strengths you bring to the table, chances are there’s a marketing role out there that would be the right fit. Here’s a look at just some of the highest-paying IT jobs, according to Robert Half Technology’s 2021 Salary Guide: 1. It already becomes worthwhile to watch out for social media marketing jobs. E-commerce is closely linked to CRO, which means that e-commerce experts will be required to know how to optimize product pages, from creating compelling descriptions to the perfect placement of buttons and CTAs with the goal of increasing conversions. Strategic skills are a welcome advantage as they will help specialists to focus, at a high level, on how to improve online customer experience, which is integral to a successful e-commerce strategy.

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