liverpool john moores university ranking 2020

The university has strong links with big-name employers – from Trinity Mirror to IBM – and can provide with valuable work placements, paid internships and industry master classes. Amount may vary with the course opted, nature of accommodation, and personal spending habits of a candidate. #801-1000 QS World University Ranking 2020 #29 QS WUR By Subject Ranking 2019 #66 2020 League Table Ranking, The Complete University Guide; LIVERPOOL. The institute is mainly composed of, Over the past decade, the institute has invested nearly. *All distance are measured radially. Bachelor|Bachelor of Arts [B.A]|Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng]|Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B]|Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]|, Doctor of Business Administration [D.B.A]|Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D]|, Master|Master of Arts [M.A]|Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]|Master of Engineering [M.Eng]|Master of Laws [L.L.M]|Master of Philosophy [M.Phil]|Master of Research [M.Res]|Master of Science [M.Sc]|, Civil Engineering (Full-Time)*161903| Civil Engineering (Part-Time)*161904| Construction and Property (Full-Time)*161905| Construction and Property (Part-Time)*161906|, Architecture*161907| Business and Human Resource Management*161908| Business and Human Resource Management (Part-time)*161909| Business and Public Relations*161910| Business and Public Relations with Foundation Year*161911| Business Management*161912| Business Management Practice*161913| Business Management Practice (Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship)*161914| Business Studies*161915| Business with Finance*161916| Business with Finance with Foundation Year*161917| Business with International Business Management*161918| Business with International Business Management with Foundation Year*161919| Business with Marketing*161920| Business with Marketing with Foundation Year*161921| Creative Writing*161922| Creative Writing and Film Studies*161923| Criminal Justice*161924| Criminal Justice with Foundation Year*161925| Criminology*161926| Criminology and Sociology*161927| Criminology and Sociology with Foundation Year*161928| Criminology with Foundation Year*161929| Dance Practices*161930| Drama*161931| Drama and Creative Writing*161932| Drama and English Literature*161933| Early Childhood Studies*161934| Early Childhood Studies with Foundation Year*161935| Education Studies*161936| Education Studies and Early Years*161937| Education Studies and Early Years with Foundation Year*161938| Education Studies and Inclusion*161939| Education Studies and Inclusion with Foundation Year*161940| Education Studies with Foundation Year*161941| English , Media and Cultural Studies*161942| English and Creative Writing*161943| English Literature*161944| English Literature and Creative Writing*161945| English Literature with Foundation Year*161946| English, Media and Cultural Studies*161947| English, Media and Cultural Studies with Foundation Year*161948| Events Management*161949| Events Management with Foundation Year*161950| Fashion*161951| Fashion - Design and Communication*161952| Film Studies*161953| Fine Art*161954| Graphic Design and Illustration*161955| Health and Social Care for Individuals, Families and Communities*161956| History*161957| History and English Literature*161958| History and English Literature with Foundation Year*161959| History of Art and Museum Studies*161960| History of Art and Museum Studies with Foundation Year*161961| History with Foundation Year*161962| Human Resource Management*161963| Human Resource Management with Foundation Year*161964| International Journalism*161965| International Tourism Management*161966| International Tourism Management with Foundation Year*161967| Journalism*161968| Law and Business*161969| Learning, Development and Support*161970| Marketing*161971| Marketing with Foundation Year*161972| Media Production*161973| Media, Culture, Communication*161974| Media, Culture, Communication with Foundation Year*161975| Midwifery*161976| Physical Education*161977| Physical Education with Foundation Year*161978| Policing Studies*161979| Policing Studies*161980| Policing Studies (Distance Learning)*161981| Policing Studies with Foundation Year*161982| Primary Education with Recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)*161983| Sociology*161984| Sociology with Foundation Year*161985| Sport Business*161986| Sport Business with Foundation Year*161987| Sport Development*161988| Sport Development*161989| Sport Development with Foundation Year*161990| Sports Journalism*161991|, Architectural Engineering*161992| Architectural Engineering with Foundation Year*161993| Building Services Engineering*161994| Building Services Engineering Part Time*161995| Building Services Engineering with Foundation Year*161996| Civil Engineering*161997| Civil Engineering Part Time*161998| Civil Engineering with Foundation Year*161999| Construction Engineering*162000| Control and Automation Engineering*162001| Electrical and Electronic Engineering*162002| Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Foundation Year*162003| Electrical Power Engineering*162004| Electronic Engineering*162005| Marine and Offshore Engineering with Foundation Year*162006| Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering*162007| Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with Foundation Year*162008| Mechanical and Marine Engineering*162009| Mechanical and Marine Engineering with Foundation Year*162010| Mechanical Engineering*162011| Mechanical Engineering with Foundation Year*162012| Mechanical Engineering with Management*162013|, Law*162014| Law and Criminal Justice*162015| Law and Criminal Justice with Foundation Year*162016| Law with Foundation Year*162017|, Accounting and Finance*162018| Accounting and Finance with Foundation Year*162019| Adult Nursing*162020| Animal Behaviour*162021| Animal Behaviour with Foundation Year*162022| Applied Mathematics with Engineering*162023| Applied Sport Psychology*162024| Architectural Technology*162025| Audio and Music Production*162026| Audio and Music Production with Foundation Year*162027| Biochemistry*162028| Biochemistry with Foundation Year*162029| Biology*162030| Biology with Foundation Year*162031| Biomedical Science*162032| Biomedical Science with Foundation Year*162033| Building Services Engineering Project Management*162034| Building Services Engineering Project Management Part Time*162035| Building Surveying*162036| Building Surveying Part Time*162037| Business Management with Foundation Year*162038| Chemistry*162039| Chemistry with Foundation Year*162040| Child Nursing*162041| Computer Forensics*162042| Computer Forensics with Foundation Year*162043| Computer Games Development*162044| Computer Games Development with Foundation Year*162045| Computer Networks*162046| Computer Networks with Foundation Year*162047| Computer Science*162048| Computer Science with Foundation Year*162049| Computer Security*162050| Computer Security with Foundation Year*162051| Computer Studies*162052| Computer Studies with Foundation Year*162053| Computing and Smart Devices*162054| Construction Management*162055| Construction Management Part Time*162056| Criminology and Psychology*162057| Data Science*162058| Data Science with Foundation Year*162059| Digital and Technology Solutions*162060| Environmental Health*162061| Facilities Management*162062| Facilities Management Part-time*162063| Forensic Anthropology*162064| Forensic Anthropology with Foundation Year*162065| Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice*162066| Forensic Science*162067| Forensic Science with Foundation Year*162068| Geography*162069| Geography with Foundation Year*162070| Health Care Science Practitioner*162071| Maritime Business and Management*162072| Mathematics and Data Science*162073| Mathematics with Finance*162074| Mathematics with Finance with Foundation Year*162075| Mathematics with Foundation Year*162076| Mental Health Nursing*162077| Multimedia Computing*162078| Multimedia Computing with Foundation Year*162079| Nautical Science*162080| Nursing (International) Top Up Degree*162081| Nursing (Mental Health)*162082| Nutrition*162083| Nutrition with Foundation Year*162084| Paramedic Science*162085| Paramedicine Top-up Degree*162086| Pharmaceutical Science*162087| Pharmaceutical Science with Foundation Year*162088| Physics with Astronomy*162089| Policing Studies and Cybercrime*162090| Policing Studies and Cybercrime with Foundation Year*162091| Policing Studies and Forensic Psychology*162092| Policing Studies and Forensics*162093| Policing Studies and Forensics with Foundation Year*162094| Psychology*162095| Psychology with Foundation Year*162096| Public Health*162097| Quantity Surveying*162098| Quantity Surveying*162099| Real Estate*162100| Real Estate*162101| Science and Football*162102| Science and Football with Foundation Year*162103| Software Engineering*162104| Software Engineering with Foundation Year*162105| Sport and Exercise Science*162106| Sport and Exercise Science with Foundation Year*162107| Sport and Nutrition for Health*162108| Sport and Nutrition for Health with Foundation Year*162109| Sport Coaching*162110| Sport Coaching with Foundation Year*162111| Sport Psychology*162112| Sport Psychology with Foundation Year*162113| Video Production and Streaming*162114| Wildlife Conservation*162115| Wildlife Conservation with Foundation Year*162116| Zoology*162117| Zoology with Foundation Year*162118|, Advanced Policing Studies*162120| Applied Sport and Exercise Science*162121| Astrophysics Research Institute*162122| Health Psychology*162123| Policing, Security and Criminal Justice*162124| Postgraduate research opportunities in Art and Design*162125| Postgraduate research opportunities in Civil Engineering*162126| Postgraduate research opportunities in Computer Science*162127| Postgraduate research opportunities in Electronics and Electrical Engineering*162128| Postgraduate research opportunities in Maritime and Mechanical Engineering*162129| Postgraduate research opportunities in the Built Environment*162130| Postgraduate research opportunities in the Screen School*162131| Sport and Exercise Psychology*162132|, Architecture*162133| Astrophysics*162134| Certificate Human Resource Management - CIPD Intermediate Level Standards*162135| Clinical Pharmacy for Primary and Interface Care*162136| Clinical Pharmacy for Secondary and Tertiary Care*162137| Computer Forensics*162138| Computer Science*162139| Computer Security*162140| Computer Studies*162141| Data Science*162142| Drug Discovery and Design*162143| Education*162144| Evidence Informed Practice (Criminal Justice and Policing)*162145| Exercise Physiology*162146| Humanities and Social Science*162147| Law*162148| Leadership and Management Practice*162149| Legal Practice Course*162150| Multimedia Computing*162151| Natural Sciences and Psychology*162152| Nursing and Allied Health*162153| Pharmacy*162154| Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences*162155| Public Health*162156| Software Engineering*162157| Sport and Exercise Science*162158| Sport Studies, Leisure and Nutrition*162159|, Art in Science*162160| Cities, Culture and Creativity*162161| Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice*162162| Criminal Justice*162163| Dance Practices*162164| Digital Literacies and Learning*162165| Documentary*162166| Education Practice*162167| Education, Globalisation and Social Change*162168| English Literature*162169| Exhibition Studies*162170| Fashion Innovation and Realisation*162171| Fine Art*162172| Graphic Design and Illustration*162173| Human Resource Management*162174| Inclusion Special Educational Needs and Disability*162175| International Approaches to Early Childhood Education*162176| International Journalism*162177| International News Journalism*162178| Leadership in Education*162179| Musical Theatre*162180| Screenwriting*162181| Social Work*162182| Urban Design*162183| Writing*162184|, Master of Business Administration*162185| Master of Business Administration (Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship)*162186| Master of Business Administration Business Scale ups*162187| Master of Business Administration Business Scale-ups (Senior Leaders Masters Degree Apprenticeship)*162188|, Architectural Engineering*162189| Building Services Engineering*162190| Building Services Engineering Part Time*162191| Civil and Environmental Engineering*162192| Civil and Offshore Engineering*162193| Civil and Structural Engineering*162194| Civil and Transportation Engineering*162195| Civil Engineering*162196| Civil Engineering and Architecture*162197| Civil Engineering and Construction Management*162198| Civil Engineering Part Time*162199| Electrical and Electronic Engineering*162200| Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering*162201| Mechanical and Marine Engineering*162202| Mechanical Engineering*162203| Mechanical Engineering with Management*162204|, International Business Corporate and Finance Law*162205| Legal Practice (LPC BPTC Conversion)*162206| Master of Laws*162207| Qualifying Law*162208|, Contemporary Art*162209| Design, Discourse and Practice*162210| Fashion Studies*162211|, Art and Design*162212| Critical Social Science*162213| English*162214| Modern History*162215|, Advanced Healthcare Practice Clinical*162216| Advanced Paediatric and Neonatal Practice*162217| Architectural Engineering*162218| Astrophysics*162219| Bioarchaeology*162220| Civil Engineering*162221| Clinical Exercise Physiology*162222| Clinical Pharmacy*162223| Clinical Pharmacy for Primary and Interface Care*162224| Clinical Pharmacy for Secondary and Tertiary Care*162225| Coastal Resilience*162226| Commercial Building Surveying*162227| Computing and Information Systems*162228| Construction Project Management*162229| Cosmetic Science*162230| Cyber Security*162231| Data Science*162232| Digital Marketing*162233| Drone Technology and Applications*162234| Drug Discovery and Design*162235| Electrical Power and Control Engineering*162236| Entrepreneurship*162237| Exercise Physiology*162238| Financial Management*162239| Forensic Anthropology*162240| Forensic Bioscience*162241| Global Crime, Justice and Security*162242| Global Crime, Justice and Security Master of Laws*162243| Health Psychology*162244| Industrial Biotechnology*162245| Integrated Building Information Management*162246| International Business and Management*162247| International Events Management*162248| International Human Resource Management*162249| International Public Health*162250| International Public Relations*162251| International Tourism Management*162252| International Transport, Trade and Logistics*162253| Leadership and Management Practice (Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship)*162254| Logistics and Supply Chain Management*162255| Management*162256| Management and Digital Business*162257| Manufacturing Engineering*162258| Marine and Offshore Engineering*162259| Maritime Operations Management*162260| Mechanical Engineering*162261| Observational Astrophysics*162262| Pharmaceutical Manufacture and Quality Control*162263| Policing and Criminal Investigation*162264| Policing and Cybercrime*162265| Port Management*162266| Primate Behaviour and Conservation*162267| Project Management*162268| Public Health*162269| Public Health (Addictions)*162270| Public Health Nutrition*162271| Public Relations*162272| Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management*162273| Real Estate*162274| Sensor Technologies and Enterprise*162275| Sensors, Data and Management*162276| Sport and Clinical Biomechanics*162277| Sport Coaching*162278| Sport Nutrition*162279| Sport Psychology*162280| Sports Psychology*162281| Strength and Conditioning*162282| Water, Energy and the Environment*162283| Wildlife Conservation and Drone Applications*162284|, Improving Access to Psychological Therapies in Primary Care*162285| Public Health*162286| Public Health (Addictions)*162287| School Direct Initial Teacher Training (salaried)*162288| Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)*162289|, Art and Design Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)*162290| Biology Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)*162291| Chemistry Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)*162292| Computer Science Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)*162293| Design and Technology Secondary PGDE with QTS*162294| English Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)*162295| Geography Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)*162296| History Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)*162297| Mathematics Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)*162298| Media Studies Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)*162299| Modern Foreign Languages Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)*162300| Performing Arts (Dance) Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) with Performing Arts or P.E.

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